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As a mom, a wife and a therapist, I see the societal pressure that you face daily. These pressures come not only from men, but other women around you as well. We are moving into a world where women are pitting themselves against each other instead of working together.

When you have children you often face judgment based on the parenting decisions you make. The criticisms come on issues like education, breastfeeding, day care, co-sleeping, working outside of the home and so much more. There always seems to be someone out there judging. Even if it is just a simple statement of “Oh, so you’re not going to…”

Beyond the pressures of parenting, you are also faced with societal expectations about your appearance. The media continually shows unrealistic standards of beauty. These images affect self-esteem. It is hard to have total body acceptance in this environment.

I know that the pressure can be overwhelming. Women, like us, are experiencing more stress than they ever have and it’s critical that we all remember to take some time for ourselves, to decompress, learn to say no and talk with someone that can help.

Counseling services in Melbourne Fl and online (to FL residents) are available to address the unique pressures that you as a woman face. I promise you a judgment-free space where you can gain confidence in your choices and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

Counseling Services in Melbourne FL

Stephanie helped me through a rough time in my life. Her guidance brought me to the other side.


I was very happy with the services I received from Authentically You!


Services Offered

  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Workshops and Trainings
  • Consultations to Potential Clients
  • Wellness Products
  • Adult Survivors of Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse or Domestic Violence
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Life Transitions
  • Questioning Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity
  • Parenting
  • Self-esteem
  • Stress Reduction