Stephanie Steen, RMHCI

Stephanie Steen, RMHCI

Owner / Therapist

Counseling for Women, Teens and LGBT

Are you interested in counseling? When life changes occur (both good and bad) it is common to feel like you are losing a part of who you are and what makes you internally happy. You may go through the motions of life without feeling the joy in it. Are you ready to regain a sense of self and live a happy and fulfilling life? Together I can help you begin living more authentically.

The non-judgmental counseling atmosphere at Connected Coaching & Counseling is what makes us stand out from other counseling agencies.

I specialize in counseling for Women, Teens and LGBT in Melbourne Florida and the surrounding ares. I can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma through a woman-focused approach. My life experience as a woman, wife and mom, as well as 7 years of experience as a therapist, can help you begin to heal. During the counseling for women process you will began taking steps in the direction of the life you want.

I work to support women on their journey to self healing and self discovery. Women are encouraged to feel empowered and will be supported throughout the therapeutic process.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling for Webster University. I am registered in the state of Florida and receive ongoing supervision and peer support.

If you would like more information regarding services, feel free to call 321-412-0177