Life Gets In The Way – Just Pause

Have you ever felt those moments where time has just flown by and you wake up and not where you thought you would be?

This could be within the day….you wake up hoping to accomplish the laundry and it’s now 10 pm and it still is not done.


It could be long term. You plan on starting a new bedtime routine with the kid and 3 months later you are still rocking him to sleep (true story! Help!).

These things have a way of sneaking up on us! It is like we set these amazing intentions and somehow they get lost in the middle of everything else.

It is these moments which leave us feeling frustrated, annoyed and resentful.

Life gets in the way. It is okay! It happens to all of us. We just need to hit pause.

Pause and grab a cup of coffee, wrap up in a blanket or turn on some music.

Pause and just sit with the feelings – whatever they are. They are yours and you are allowed to have them.

Pause and find the source of those feelings. Where is the frustration coming from?

Pause and figure out a new plan.

Sometimes we feel like we can’t have these feelings. Like we should have just started the bedtime routine or done the laundry. Guess what – it is okay. Life gets in the way sometimes. It happens to all of us.

Next time when things catch up to you and you begin to feel all the feelings – allow yourself to do just that.