Slow Down, Momma

Are you “that mom?”

The mom who is always on the go from ballet to soccer to tutoring to play dates?

I know that I can be!

I have a tendency to be the type of mom who wants to provide my kids with as many opportunities that comes our way as possible. While this is great in many respects, it can also lead to massive burnout! Not only for me and my wife, but for the littles as well.

January was a huge wake up call for me!

We had a trip out of the country – amazingly awesome opportunity! Nick started soccer for his school team and began tutoring. Micah enjoys library days and swim lessons. Paula and I also took a trip over night by ourselves, and the very next day she repacked her bags and headed to Cali for business.


So I wake up February 1st exhausted and sick! Oh, and slept through the alarm so the big kid was 30 minutes late to school – oops!

It is usually around that time when i realize it is time to SLOW DOWN!

Our kids do not have to be in every sport! We do not have to go to every community event. It is okay to say no to playdates!

Slow down momma, you got this!

When you start to feel the busyness set in and want to pull back here are some things to try.

Just Say No

YES! It is okay to say no. Say no to play dates, your kids request to be driven here and there, your spouse, your friends and family! When we try to give everything to everyone we are left with nothing. Saying no can be hard as a lot of emotions can come with it. You may wonder if the person asking will be mad. At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you and your family and that means being able to be present!

Stay Home

Yes, going to movies in the park is fun. I have a blast at amusement parks. Of course, the beach is amazing. All those things take time and energy. Try staying home and spending time with your family without wasting your energy. Cook a meal together, go for a walk, play boards games. These are all fun and allow for bonding and relaxing!

Prepare and Delegate

Preparation and delegation are huge factors when slowing down. When we prepare things ahead of time, it allows for transitions to go more easily and cause less of a headache for us! Yes, it takes a little bit of brainpower to think through, but it’s so worth it when you can get up in the morning and everything is done!

Delegate chores and other tasks to others. Have your kids help out with chores and keeping the home clean. Now I know what you are thinking – I can’t even get them to keep their room clean. Here is an awesome article on getting kids to clean without a battle by an amazing parent coach, Mercedes Samudio.

We recently started using Shipt which has groceries delivered to the house. Such a huge help!

When we delegate we have more time to do fun things as a family and more self care for ourselves.

Chill Time

This is important!! Slowing down not only means doing less but taking that time to recharge. Initiate chill time in your home. This is a time and space where everyone is quiet and doing things that they enjoy!

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