Mom Breaks

Do mom breaks really exits? Today was a day where I needed one! You know the type of days where you are non-stop on the go all day. I woke up and remembered that I forgot to pack lunch and snack for the big kid. I rushed around the pantry trying to find some resemblance to a decent lunch and threw everything in the lunch box. Done. On to the next task. Waking that big kid up. You know he is up super early on weekends, but during the week it is like trying to wake the dead. Finally – up and out of the house with 5 minutes to spare.

Come home to grab the little dude and head to the grocery store, then back home to pay bills, clean, and make lunch. Nap time finally arrives, and I get to sit and work. Except right when I get my laptop out, the doorbell rings. So much for nap time.

The rest of the day goes on like this.

Car loop, hockey practice, homework and dinner.

It’s not that my kids are not amazing human beings – they are! I love being a mom. Watching every achievement and growth makes me shout for joy. (or in the case of a particular football game, run onto the field to celebrate my son’s first touchdown!). Seeing my children in pain breaks my heart, but I feel so lucky to be there to help them through that process.

But, I want…. No, I NEED to feel like I exist in a world where I am smart, capable and have my own thoughts. I need to walk the aisles of Target alone, read an intriguing book, talk with a friend or take a walk and be alone with my thoughts.

Do these mom break moments really exist?

In my world they do! I encourage you to make them happen in your world too! I know that may seem impossible! Here are some things that I do to make sure I am caring for myself – especially on crazy busy days!

Morning Routines – I try to have everything set out the night before (does not always happen!). That way in the morning I can have a cup of coffee and sit in the quiet before anyone wakes up. I miss out on a few minutes of sleep, but it is so worth it. Starting my day off right makes the rest of the day go smoother.

Your Happy Place – Find an area of your house where it is the most quiet. A place where you can be at peace doing the things that make you happy. Think of a few activities you can do in that area. Talk with your partner beforehand and determine a time when you can be uninterrupted. This should happen 2-3 times per week. Because I love reading, I go in the office on a bean bag and read books, scroll facebook, or enjoy netflix binges!

Bed Time – I love spending evenings with my partner. We talk and watch shows and hang out before bed. However, after getting both kids to sleep – we need 30 minutes to decompress in our own space before spending time together. This is where I journal or meditate.

We all need mom breaks! It is how we feel human and connect with ourselves and others. It helps us to be better so we can be amazing for our kids.

In the comments below, tell me what you would do if you could spend an hour uninterrupted?

Mom Breaks