I know that you are in a place where you are struggling to accept the changes that have happened in your life. Whether it be that you have lost a loved one, been through a divorce or struggling with the new demands of parenthood.

It is a very difficult time and your emotions are at an all time high!

During these times of transition is normal for you to dwell on the past. You wonder how things may have turned out if certain events had been different. You long for the times when things were good.

You are scared of the future. You at one point had it all planned out. And now everything is different.

This back and forth place of the past and future keeps you stuck.

Try this helpful tips to start living in the present and regaining your happiness!

Focus on the Here and Now

When you start to notice that your thoughts are going all over the place – stop and take a deep breath. I want you to look around and see what is going on in your world. Take an active step to move from your head to what is going on.

I know that it takes a while to get into this habit. For so long you have gone where your thoughts go. Be patient with yourself.

Do Less

Do you find yourself keeping busy as a way to reduce the stress that you are feeling? I want you to make a point of spending three 5 minutes stretches of time doing nothing each day! At first you may need to have this scheduled as it will not come natural to you.

Lay in the grass outside – drink a cup of coffee – meditate

Do One Thing at a Time

I know that in today’s society it is common to multi-task. Have you ever been making dinner and answering work emails? I know I am guilty of it from time to time! It does not let you or I be truly in the moment. Try moving into a life where you focus on one thing at a time.