Living Authentically After Trauma

Is Living Authentically After Trauma Possible?

Healing from a traumatic event is definitely a journey that has its ups and downs. It can be hard to believe living authentically after trauma can happen. That is because when a traumatic events takes place we tend to feel out of control and our world is shaken up.

Our outlook on the world begins to change. Am I safe to go out alone at night? Should I get an alarm system? What about this friend – is he really trust worthy? Our brain becomes hypervigilant, and we don’t know what to believe anymore.

Through this process, we begin to lose a sense of who we were. This loss of self is hard – we may not understand why we are lashing out at those we love. We begin to wonder what our life is going to be like after trauma.

The thought of living authentically after trauma can be scary. After all, you may not recognise the person standing in the mirror. You may think, “How can I go back to being my authentic self if I do not even know who I am!?”

That is where we start! That is where we grow! That is where we heal!

It is okay that your authentic self today will not be the same as it was prior to the trauma. We take steps to find out who we are going to become despite what we have been through. We stay in check with ourselves and our emotions. We learn what makes us tick and why.

Many of the behaviors that are not consistent within ourselves are based on fear. When you wake up in the morning what do you need to do to feel safe?

Day after day you will begin to find yourself again. The journey to living authentically after trauma can be very empowering.

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