Have you ever tried meditation, but felt as if it didn’t work?

Don’t worry – many people feel discouraged when they first begin the meditation process. Just remember that meditation takes time and practice.  Knowing the proper way to meditate can help you along in your journey. Meditation along with counseling can have huge benefits.

Meditation has many wonderful benefits that coincide with counseling.

Reduces Stress

Improves Brain Function

Helps You Get a More Restful Night’s Sleep

Increases Attention Span

Helps You Feel Connected

Reduces Problems

Many people see meditation as something that can take up a huge chunk of your day. When you try to meditate for an hour right you first start,  it can feel overwhelming.  In reality, meditation can take just 5-20 minutes of your day. It is more important to be consistent each day than to do an hour long meditation a couple days a week. Plan it into your day and have it become routine.

There are many different techniques to choose from. This is a wonderful article from Mind Body Green to help you learn about some of the most popular meditation techniques. Once you learn a few different techniques, spend some time trying them out. Not all of the techniques are going to work for you. After trying a few, you will be able to see what works for you. The best one is one that leaves you feeling relaxed, happy  and rejuvenated.

When you begin to meditate, start by finding a calm, quiet place. When finding a space in your home, make sure that you pay attention to the lighting. Ensure that the space is clean and not cluttered. This allows you to open your mind. Some people enjoy having nothing surrounding them during meditation. Others like to have healing stones or other comforting items. Other items you can bring into the space are ones that remind you of nature: water fountains, plants and rocks are all great for creating a relaxing space. Use the same space everyday. This will help your body prepare for meditation. This space becomes your oasis.