I am a Counselor in Melbourne FL helping LGBT Teens and Their Families Reconnect and Grow Stronger!

So your child has come out…now what? 

For many parents it can be a big shock when their teenager comes out – even if they already had suspicions that their child wasn’t “like other kids.”

It isn’t always easy to hear those words, and I want you to know you’re not alone.

Guilt, grief, confusion, anger… all of these emotions are perfectly normal. After all, you most likely spent your whole life thinking your child was “straight.” So when your son or daughter let you in on their “secret”… of course it caught you off guard!

Naturally, you have lots of questions.

…was it something I did?
…was it how I raised them?
…were they born this way?

And after it has started to sink in you have even MORE questions…

…are they going to be bullied?
…will they be happy?
…am I ever going to have grandkids?

Being gay is not a choice, but that doesn’t mean that your feelings aren’t valid.

You may not understand why they are the way they are, but you can love them unconditionally and be their safe haven. You can be a place they can go when the world is cold and stormy to get love and support they need.

Things might seem strained or different for a while, and you may have noticed your relationship with your teen has changed.

But don’t worry – with some honest and kind communication your family can build a relationship that is stronger than ever.

Your teen Is Feeling A Lot Right Now Too

You may feel overwhelmed right now but chances are that your teen is too.

Coming out as part of the LGBT community isn’t easy – even when it’s to a trusted parent

Telling you was probably a nerve racking decision for them, and your child had just as many questions and worries as you do.

…will my parents still love me?
…will my friends accept me?
…am I going to face gay bashing?

There are millions of thoughts running through your teen’s head before they decide to tell you.

I know it’s difficult… things get lost in translation, and sometimes the best laid intentions can backfire leaving you both feeling frustrated and desperate.

You love your child and your child loves you, and even if you may not feel like it right now, your teen has given you a wonderful gift.

This is an integral part of your teen’s life and future, and they chose to tell you.

You may be thinking, “Well that’s great, but how do I handle this?”

Let Me Help

How often do miscommunications with your teen lead to hurt feelings or anger (on both sides)?

What if you could side-step future mishaps and avoid further disconnection within your family?

I want to help you reconnect as a unit and take some of the load off your shoulders.

I want to help you avoid any unneeded conflict, and help you be able to quickly and kindly resolve the hiccups that will happen.

I want to help you get back to laughing, living, and loving each other freely and without worry of “saying the wrong thing”.

The teenage years are a pivotal time, and they are even more so for an LGBT youth.

Your teenager needs to know that you are there for them, and I can help you communicate that in a way that is clear, kind, and will reinforce your unwavering support.

If you’d like to set up a consultation feel free to email at Contact@StephanieSteenTherapy.com or call at 321-280-6508. 

Your teen is trusting you to be there for them, so trust me be there for you and your family.

Counselor in Melbourne FL

Counseling in Melbourne FL

Florida Residents

Online and in-person sessions are available. Individual counseling is available for adults and teens. Individual counseling help you to connect with who you are are have a helping hand in navigating the tough moments in life. Click to schedule a free consultation.

Counselor in Melbourne FL

LGBT Youth Counseling Program

Florida Residents

This one of a kind program helps LGBT youth and their families go through the coming out process with ease. Families will participate in groups, individual counseling and parent support. Help your kids connect with who they are while learning valuable coping skills.

Counselor in Melbourne FL

LGBT Parent Coaching

Nationwide Service

When your child comes out you may experience a wide range of emotions. LGBT Parent Coaching Program is designed to help you navigate this new journey. I answer all of the tough questions you have and help you to reconnect with your child. 

Counselor in Melbourne FL

Connected Coaching & Counseling is a coaching and counseling pracice dedicated to helping LGBT youth and their families reconnect and grow stronger. I provide an LGBT Youth Program which focues on alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety while helping youth to gain confidence in who they are. Coaching is available for LGBT parents to help you navigate this journey with your child.

I am available to answer any questions regarding the therapeutic process or setting up an appointment. Feel free to call at any time. My number is 321-280-6508. You can also reach us through email on our contact page.

As a counselor in Melbourne FL, I am dedicated to supporting your familiy on this journey to reconnect and grow stronger. All members of your family are encouraged to feel empowered and will be supported throughout the therapeutic process.